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Great Wolf Lodge’s goal is to become the premier “go to” theme park and hotel for all current and retired players as well as a broad spectrum of users from many different backgrounds and age groups, that are wanting to enjoy a day or weekend with friends and family..


The lodges each feature a unique design. Extraordinary attractions and entertainment options sit side-by-side under one roof. Family time is easy with carefully crafted experiences.


Members will not only get a discount but also entered into the family getaway giveaway, which will include a stay for a family of four and passes to the water park.


Alumni members will have access to a coupon code to purchase Brain Armor's range of clinically proven dietary supplements formulated with Omega-3's, healthy fats and vital nutrients to support structural brain health and performance.

All Brain Armor products are made in the USA (in Maryland) and sourced from Algae, free of any fish, vegan-friendly and certified to be risk-free of any potential contaminants. 

Click the link below to access your  member code!


Fit Farm is the nation's premier retreat that has all the aspects to address your wellness.

From HIIT boot camps and pure fitness programs to wellness retreats - this is the place to bring back some adrenaline and fun into your life.

We have 13-zoned adult playground that caters to so many styles of activities, as well as the United States' first Permanent 5K Obstacle course with lodging.


Click the link below to access your exclusive

NLL Alumni rate and kickstart a lifelong wellness and fitness transformation.


The NLL Alumni and Pro Support Systems recognize the toll of intense athletics on the body. A specific goal with the NLL Alumni association is to provide you with avenues to achieve a comfortable and healthy lifestyle after lacrosse. For over 25 years Pro Support Systems has been providing customer molded orthotics for athletics and industrial workers design to balance and control the foot for great comfort and efficiency. 

Click the link below to get access to the

member discount of $300 off the best custom molding foot support on the market!


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