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Alumni Association Inaugural Family Scholarship winners

On behalf of the Association, we want to congratulate the award winners for 2020.

We want to thank all the entrants for the thoughtful submissions that we received.

We look forward to having more applications next year and award the full amount available for the members.

Please check back on the site for our Coaches and Ref Grant that will be opening soon for submissions.

Please see the attached the members as well as their family members that were chosen for the award.

- Mark Millon and son, Mccabe

- Casey Zaph and son, Charlie

- Jason Crosbie and son, Jaxton

- Sean Pollock and son, Beau

- Brian Shanahan and son, Devlin

- Joe Smith for nieces and nephews

- Leigh Augustine and daughter, Paige

Congratulations all!

We look forward to hosting more awards in the future.

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