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Announcing the PLPAA Scholarship!

The PLP Alumni Association is proud to announce that several monetary scholarships will be awarded to the children and grandchildren of fully registered members.

The scholarships were made possible by the generous donation of a supporter of the PLPAA who believes in lacrosse and what the retired guys did to pave the way.

These awards will provide funding towards costs of sports, arts or education for members' children and grandchildren. The scholarships will be awarded annually.

Applications will be open to members in good standing.

In year one we will be offering an award to each of the five categories of members: Player, Player's Spouse, Associate/Avid Fan, Professional, Cheerleader.

The awards committee will make its selections and announce the scholarship recipients May 7, 2020.

Please register for a chance to win and support the Alumni Association !

Click here to enter!

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